Custom Home Repairs, Remodels, and Renovations

Our staff is so knowledgeable in-home service that we are unashamed to answer any question or accept any job at your residence. If you need a bathroom remodel or your current kitchen cabinets renovated, then we are the right contractor to call.

Everything Under the Roof

When we say everything under the roof, we mean it. We've posted a short list of examples of our services below, but expect us to do almost anything and almost everything.

Tile Work

We will make your dream floor in your home a reality. At The One Man Team, we will install travertine, ceramic, porcelain, faux wood, slate, marble, granite, stone, and more.


If wood floors are your fancy, we can make it happen. Finished or unfinished choices are available for your home, including oak, maple, cherry, bamboo, walnut, ash, mahogany, and more exotic and expensive wood species such as teak or mesquite.


No matter the type of balcony you need done, we can make it happen, like faux balconies, Juliet balconies, French balconies, true balconies, or even mezzanines.


There a plenty of deck options for you to think about. Some of the decks that we install can include pressure-treated wood, raw cedar or redwood, vinyl decking, composite decking, and even aluminum decking.


Your driveway is the entryway to your home. You want it to be just as presentable as the front of the house. You can trust us to install and repair your driveway, whether it is concrete, asphalt, gravel, brick, or cobblestone.

And Much, Much More

Outside of the listed services, we are available to consult with you to figure out any home project that you have. Call us today to speak with one of our contracting experts to get the ball rolling as fast as possible. Remember, our work speaks for itself.