Specializes in Roofing, Custom Repairs, Painting & Tree Work

Proudly Serving Acadiana for over 27 years!

Full-Service Roofing and Painting Contractor

Look no further than The One Man Team for any commercial or residential contracting work concerning roofs and everything underneath, including all roofing work, interior and exterior painting, and all home repairs or remodels. While we're up doing your roof, you might as well have us do your tree service since we offer a variety of maintenance and removal services for your tall green friends. If you can think of it, we most likely can take care of it.

Proudly Serving Acadiana for Over 27 Years

We operate in the Heart of Acadiana, and we are honored to continue serving the areas surrounding Lafayette, Youngsville, Broussard, Scott, and Milton. For 27 long years, we've provided these areas with extensive contracting work for almost any residential or commercial need, and we are always available to go to and fro for our clients.

Services We Offer

Red Metal Roof Tile and Chimney — Roofers in Youngsville, LA

Roofing Services

Whether you need a complete replacement or just the repairing and mending of a current roof, The One Man Team will have our crew on the top of your home ASAP. We do not shy away from commercial work either, and will professionally maintain or install roofs for your place of business.

Painter Painting the Trim and Shutters of Home — Roofers in Youngsville, LA

Painting Services

Our painting experts know the ins and outs of both exterior and interior paint. We will help navigate through the plethora of paint products to determine what is best for your home or place of business, and will even lend a hand in picking the color.

Hand Holding a House Paper with Construction Stuff — Roofers in Youngsville, LA

Custom Home Repairs and Services

Our all-encompassing home services can include repairs, remodels, installations, and just about anything under your roof. Our customers are always pleasantly surprised by how many different things they can hire us to do for them.